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Tim The Conservative Flower Child Press

The world needs a laugh, NOT a hug!

23 August 1983
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These articles are part of the Tim the Conservative Flower Child Press Group. They are intended as humor articles to either help you through the day or raise your self-esteem knowing you're not me. All humor is to be taken with a grain of salt so if you find yourself getting offended, take a step back, breath, and get a life.

Our writing team consists of me (Tim), Benny, Dan, and sometimes John (we're like vowels only you can't buy us (cheap)). I earned my BA in American History at Washington State University and now am working on my thesis for the University of North Dakota. I also write for the campus newspaper, the Dakota Student and have a bad knack for sarcasm and using old popular culture references. Ben is a local sportsman with a distinct expertise in target shooting; this guy spends more time at the range than he does say using the restroom. He also loves to eat me out of house and home but we love him all the same. Dan is a graduate from Illinois College with a specialty in the American Civil War, and also a graduate student at UND. John obtained his BA of history from Willamette College in Oregon; while he may seem timid do not call it Ore-GONE or make fun of Lincoln or prepare to face his wrath!

This is a fan-based column so reader-participation is always encouraged. Constructive criticism is always welcome but please be respectful and, above all, SPECIFIC!! We write in a conversational tone so if you don't find us scholarly, go spend $500 at your local campus bookstore; we write for the common man!! Our HQ is located in the 72-Plex building at 3904 University Ave. Contact information is available above!